The Fungus Among Us

I’ve a warm, dark, and moist place in my heart for fungal monsters. The omission of myconids from 4E is one of my few complaints about the new edition.

For those about to rot, we salute you.
They’re among the most truly alien monsters; the DM can take them in almost any direction. They’re mushrooms, after all — their motivations need not correspond to those of any mammal or reptile.

Fortunately, there are a couple D&D Miniatures which can be pressed into service. The most obvious is the Myconid Guard from the Aberrations set; the other is the Deathcap from the new Demonweb set.

Of course, you needn’t add an entire myconid kingdom to your game just for a couple killer mushrooms. The following monster can be dropped in just about anywhere.

Click to Enlarge

Marching Mushroom


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