A God By Any Other Name

The default 4E setting has a number of deities. Some people like them; some don’t. But just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean you need to throw them out with the bathwater.

Did someone say my name?
The easiest way to make the gods feel different is to simply rename them. Corellon might strike you as some wussy poofter god of pointy-eared tree-huggers; call him Apollo, and he might seem just a bit less wussy. Ioun could remind you too much of floating rocks that orbit your head; turned into Odin the Rune-Finder, he regains a certain gravitas and respect.

Purely as a side-effect, this also makes it dead easy to add more colour and flavour to the gods. Need to spice up Tharizdun a bit? Make him the god that bit off Bahamut’s hand. Stealing that from the myth of Fenrir and Tyr took no work at all. The Raven Queen is pretty excellent as she is, but not too good to steal a few tricks from Anubis.

The following chart takes more than a few liberties with mythology, but it should serve for gaming purposes.

Default Greek/Roman Egyptian Norse
Asmodeus Ouranos/Uranus
Avandra Hermes/Mercury Bes Hermod
Bahamut Nike/Victoria Horus Tyr
Bane Ares/Mars Surtr
Corellon Apollo Isis Odin
Erathis Athena/Minerva Ptah Forseti
Gruumsh Sobek Thrym
Ioun Thoth Odin
Kord Heracles/Hercules Thor
Lolth Arachne Set Loki
Melora Artemis/Diana Aegir
Moradin Hephaestus/Vulcan Imhotep
Pelor Demeter/Ceres Ra Frey
Raven Queen Anubis
Sehanine Aphrodite/Venus Hathor Freya
Tharizdun Dionysus/Bacchus Fenrir
Tiamat Hel
Torog Hades/Pluto
Vecna Hecate
Zehir Apep Jormungandr

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2 Responses to “A God By Any Other Name”

  1. JoeNotCharles Says:

    Here’s a list of conversions to the Immortals of the old Mystara setting that I made; you might be interested in them:


  2. rogercarbol Says:

    Very neat, jnc. Are the Mystaran version of Odin and Hel and the rest pretty close to the real-world ones?

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