Review: Saving Stone

Saving Stone is a free novella, and a prequel to the novel Game Night by Jonny Nexus. You should read it. Immediately.

The odds are stacked heavily against Saving Stone being any good. There’s lots of really dreadful RPG-inspired fiction out there. There’s lots of dull reports of people playing RPGs. And there’s an awful lot of very, very, incredibly terrible ‘comedy’ writing in the world.
Game Night, by Jonny Nexus
Saving Stone somehow manages to beat the odds and deliver a great experience to the reader. It captures the roleplaying experience in all its wonderful and absurd glory, with a fidelity I’ve never seen before.

The next time I meet someone who isn’t into RPGs and doesn’t really understand what all the fuss is about, I’m giving them Saving Stone. I don’t think it can be explained any better way.

The novella can be downloaded from Jonny’s site.


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