Occultation: A System/Setting Hack for Diaspora

Synopsis: By the Diaspora rules-as-written, “Slipstream points (slipknots) are located at a distance roughly 5 AU (astronomical units) above and below the barycenter, which is the point around which all bodies in the system revolve.” This hack suggests that the slipknots are in the plane of the ecliptic. As such, they are occasionally disrupted by the passage of Jupiter-like (Jovian) bodies orbiting at roughly 5 AU; this event is called occultation.

Download version 0.1 of the Occultation document here.

You might also be interested in take a look at the Lifepathing hack.


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One Response to “Occultation: A System/Setting Hack for Diaspora”

  1. McKee Says:

    very cool idea. I’ve been thinking of something similar, but I’m always glad to use someone else’s work and give credit where credits due.

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