Character Builder Tip: Adding a Bonus Feat

So I’m working on a new character for a new D&D 4E campaign (much more about that later!) and I ran into bit of trouble with Character Builder.

Don’t get me wrong — I love Character Builder to bits. But the new campaign has a house rule that grants characters a “non-combat” bonus feat for a cool backstory.

Do you think I could figure out how to get Character Builder to let me drop a bonus feat onto my character? After much cursing and fiddling, I eventually figured it out — and thought I’d share my hard-earned lesson with everyone.

There’s a little teeny tiny button that looks like a little house with an ‘H’ in it. Presumably this stands for “house-rule”:

Character Builder

Click on that, and you can add as many feats as you like. And Character Builder is even smart enough to later tell you how your character is house-ruled, in case you ever want to revert it back to a legal state.


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One Response to “Character Builder Tip: Adding a Bonus Feat”

  1. A Paladin In Citadel Says:

    Hey Roger, any chance you can post your Red Box character on your blog?


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