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Memories of CalCon 2010: Part 1

March 29, 2010

CalCon is a local games convention which ran last weekend.  A brief story (one among many) that comes to mind:

We were getting near the end of an RPGA D&D 4e adventure, and we’d been playing for about three hours solid, and the DM set up the last battlemat and described the scene.  He was using generic monster counters, numbered, instead of miniatures.

After three rounds of combat, I finally noticed — hey, you never told us what we’re actually fighting!  Laughter and chagrin all around.  Oh, it’s goblins, like we were fighting before.  Okay.


How to Edit the Character Builder XPS Character Sheet

March 25, 2010

So, you love the D&D Character Builder, but wish you could change just a couple things on the character sheet before printing? Here are some instructions on how to do that. (more…)

Must Read: Anti-Grind Guide

March 9, 2010

About a year ago, Stalker0 wrote a guide to avoiding the grind in 4E combat. Like a fine wine, it keeps getting better with age. Read it and be enlightened:

Stalker0’s Guide to Anti-Grind

From a purely structural viewpoint, it’s wonderfully well-written. It describes the symptoms of the problem, the causes of the problem, and the cure for the problem. If you read only one thing before DMing a 4E game, read this.