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Greasemonkeying ENWorld: Removing the XP Comments from posts

April 30, 2010

So there’s been a change over at ENWorld. Now when a post receives XP, a box containing the reason it received XP is embedded in the post.

Some people probably like that. And that’s fine.

But I don’t like it so much. And instead of just whining about it, I (badly) wrote a Greasemonkey script that strips those Comments back out.

Please feel free to install it and give it a try by downloading it here.


Lifepathing Diaspora: A System hack

April 29, 2010

Synopsis: One of the primary inspirations for Diaspora is Traveller, which features a detailed “lifepath” character generation system. Out of the box, however, Diaspora offers little support for this type of character generation. This hack suggests a number of processes that can be used to generate lifepaths for character generation, as well as an extensive example.

Download version 0.1 of the Lifepathing Diaspora document here.

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