Squee Matel, Machine Friend


Great: Engineering
Good: Blasters, Socializing, Resources, Science, Vehicles
Fair: Alertness, Bureaucracy, Deceit, Rapport, Stealth
Average: Academics, Athletics, Endurance, Exotics, Might, Resolve

Permanent Aspects and Stunts:

Raised by Droids: use Engineering as a social skill with droids and other smart machines; can speak Binary (R2D2ese.)

Steel Grip:  Right hand is cybernetic, with built-in hidden blaster pistol.

I Rebuilt Your Mother:  +2 to Contacting, but only droids

Been Around the Sector:  Suffers no penalties to Vehicles for unfamiliar technology

It’s just a Sensor Error:  Personal spacecraft named Sensor Error; also treat as Great Engineering Lab.

(A character for a sci-fi Spirit of the Century game.)


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