A brief introduction to Muldurr

MuldurrOur group is starting up a new foray in Ravenloft, and so I needed to take off my DM hat and make a character for myself.  His character sheet will follow; in the meantime, here’s a brief introduction:

1.  Muldurr is a human avenger.  Avengers are those guys who roll 2d20 when they attack; they are divine strikers.

2.  Muldurr’s background is that he was raised by a cult!  Those Vecna-worshippers had evil plans for him, but he was rescued by opposing cultists, err, worshippers, of Ioun.  This experience however left him with a strong grasp of history.

3.  Muldurr worships Ioun. He’s all about seeking lost knowledge.  If there’s a book bound in human skin and dripping blood, he’s the guy who is going to read it.  He always opens the box labelled “WARNING DO NOT OPEN.”

4.  His avenger build is Censure of Unity, which means he wants to have all his friends around.  His attacks do +1 damage for each ally adjacent to his target.

5.  He is the Perception monkey at +14.  He’s also good at Heal (+14) (although he can’t provide any real healing) and History and Religion (+12 each.)

6.  He’s pretty good at taking out the undead; two of his three at-wills do radiant damage, and his encounter-power channel-divinity does 4d10+5.

7.  He wears a pretty excellent hat.

Questions about Rules:

1.  Divine Guidance power:  I’m not entirely sure how the timing is supposed to work for this.  Should I say I want to use it:
a. before my ally rolls;
b. after my ally rolls but before he knows if it’s a hit or miss;
c. after my ally knows he has missed
or what?

2.  Carnage weapon enchantment:  Say I’ve got a power that does 2W damage.  What’s the maximum amount of possible bonus damage?  +4 or +8?


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