Review of the D&D Next Pre-Generated Characters

I haven’t had a chance to play any of these guys yet, but these are my first impressions.

Cleric of Moradin

This guy is a tank at AC 18, the highest of the pregens.  And the second-highest HP total.  If you want to wade into battle and don’t want to get hit, play this guy.

His main attack is warhammer at +4 to hit and 1d10+2 damage, so he can dish out the pain as well as soak it up.  Add an additional 1d6 damage if you’ve got crusader’s strike up, which you probably should.

You also get the usual clerical healing stuff, turn dead, etc, but stick to hitting things with your big stick.

Cleric of Pelor

Unlike your dwarven buddy, you’re not going to be wading into combat too much, even though your AC and HP are just fine.  You’re a laser cleric and medic, shooting up enemies from afar and patching up your pals.

Main attack is radiant lance at +6 and 1d8+4 damage.  Range of 50 feet on it.

Searing Light does an absolutely disgusting amount of damage, especially against the undead, so keep that in mind.

Don’t forget to use all your herbalist toys.  And you’ve got some holy water too.

Dwarf Fighter

Your AC isn’t so great, but you’ve got lots of HP, and you can lay down the hurt.  Greataxe at +6 to hit, 2d6+7 damage.  That’ll get their attention.

With the Slayer theme, you don’t even have to hit your target to hurt them.  Use this with your crossbow and just shoot anywhere you want.

Hang out beside your dwarven cleric buddy and just beat them all down.

Rogue Halfling

You’re going to be spending a lot of time hiding.  A LOT.  So make sure you get very intimate with the rules around hiding and stealth.

You usually be shooting at range, usually with your sling, which is +6 to hit, 1d8+3 damage.  Probably with another 1d6 damage from sneak attack, which you should be getting most of the time.

You’re carrying around a bullseye lantern for some reason; make someone bigger than you carry it around.  You can always steal it back later.

You’ve got an actual job from Trade, so try to pick something interesting, like haberdasher or prostitute.

Elf Wizard

You’ve got a terrible AC so don’t think about wading into combat, as tempting as shocking grasp may be.  Hang back with your friendly cleric of Pelor and shoot people in the eye with magic missile, or perhaps the occasional ray of frost — especially handy if an enemy goes prone at the feet of your smashy friends.

Your magic missile only does 1d4+1 damage, but it never misses, so just keep spamming it out there.  Sleep and burning hands are pretty decent too, but note that they both effect all creatures in the area, including your friends.  Also familiarize yourself with what the ‘cone’ shape is in this version.

You can cast light at will, but you’re still carrying around 10 torches for some reason, so give those to someone who needs them.

Use mage hand at every opportunity, of course.

The background feature Researcher is an absolutely fantastic ability; use it every chance you get.

Overall: It’s a good bunch of characters.  Every one of them is tempting to play, for different reasons.


One Response to “Review of the D&D Next Pre-Generated Characters”

  1. Jeremiah Felt (@jeremiahfelt) Says:

    This is an awesome PDF – lots of good work. Do you have the original source data in another format? CSV or spreadsheet perhaps? Thanks!

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