Monster Manuals: Monsters and Lore

Let’s categorize the monsters and their lore into 3 levels:

1. I can build an encounter around this. E.g. stirge, troglodyte, zombie.

2. I can build an adventure around this. E.g. intellect devourer, revenant, myconid.

3. I can build a campaign around this. E.g. slaad, modron, aboleth.

(Background:  I originally wrote this as part of a forum thread, but it seems like a good enough idea that I want to capture it here for later contemplation.)

All three are useful for different things, but it also seems that many people have some inherent preference for one particular level.  I think the 5E Monster Manual hits the mix just about right for me, but I can appreciate that tastes vary on this one.

Sometimes you just want a meatsack with some hitpoints and a sword, is all I mean.



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