Out of the Abyss: I Love My Players

Started running an online game of Out of the Abyss.  Two players so far:

Peregrine, playing Peren Galanodel:  STR14 DEX16 CON11 INT15 WIS11 CHA11.  Wood elf rogue.  Criminal background.  Skills: Acrobatics, Perception, Athletics and Stealth.  Flaw: insatiable curiosity.

Hunter, playing Luthian De’Unnero: STR14 DEX17 CON14 INT16 WIS13 CHR 12.  Human rogue.  Noble background.  Speaks Elvish.

In their first session, they got to know their way around a bit, tried to sneak away from a drow shrine and ended up paralyzed for their troubles.

This session, things were going fine, but Hunter had something arise in real life and had to leave early.  Peren ended up on spider-feeding duty.

Then this happened.

PerenGalanodel asks, "I'm acrobatic. Could I hypothetically jump onto a spider?"

Rolls a 20.

DM say, "So with ease you acrobatically somersault off the basket and land firmly on the back of one of the spiders."

So now he’s running free in the Underdark all on his lonesome.

Good times.





One Response to “Out of the Abyss: I Love My Players”

  1. seaofstarsrpg Says:

    Well, good luck to him, I say.

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