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A brief introduction to Muldurr

April 28, 2011

MuldurrOur group is starting up a new foray in Ravenloft, and so I needed to take off my DM hat and make a character for myself.  His character sheet will follow; in the meantime, here’s a brief introduction:

1.  Muldurr is a human avenger.  Avengers are those guys who roll 2d20 when they attack; they are divine strikers.

2.  Muldurr’s background is that he was raised by a cult!  Those Vecna-worshippers had evil plans for him, but he was rescued by opposing cultists, err, worshippers, of Ioun.  This experience however left him with a strong grasp of history.

3.  Muldurr worships Ioun. He’s all about seeking lost knowledge.  If there’s a book bound in human skin and dripping blood, he’s the guy who is going to read it.  He always opens the box labelled “WARNING DO NOT OPEN.”

4.  His avenger build is Censure of Unity, which means he wants to have all his friends around.  His attacks do +1 damage for each ally adjacent to his target.

5.  He is the Perception monkey at +14.  He’s also good at Heal (+14) (although he can’t provide any real healing) and History and Religion (+12 each.)

6.  He’s pretty good at taking out the undead; two of his three at-wills do radiant damage, and his encounter-power channel-divinity does 4d10+5.

7.  He wears a pretty excellent hat.

Questions about Rules:

1.  Divine Guidance power:  I’m not entirely sure how the timing is supposed to work for this.  Should I say I want to use it:
a. before my ally rolls;
b. after my ally rolls but before he knows if it’s a hit or miss;
c. after my ally knows he has missed
or what?

2.  Carnage weapon enchantment:  Say I’ve got a power that does 2W damage.  What’s the maximum amount of possible bonus damage?  +4 or +8?


Elemental Steeds

February 22, 2011

The first battle for Harrack Unath was not going well for its tiefling defenders.  Waves upon waves of dragonborn warriors assaulted its battlements, and all seemed lost.  The first sign that the tide of battle was changing, according to surviving veterans, was a dim glow in the east.  Over the ridge came five companies of tiefling cavalry, all mounted upon steeds of living flame.  The dragonborn ranks broke, and the city was saved.

That’s from my Elemental Steeds entry for the latest Expert DM Competition, which runs over on the official WotC message boards.  Lots of other good entries too, and earlier competitions have lots of good material.  You can also check out my designer’s notes for Elemental Steeds.

All in all, worth checking out!

Slacking Through the Sandbox

January 21, 2011

I’ve written an article about how I put together a slacker’s sandbox — a slackbox, if you will.

Read the pdf here.

All comments welcome.

Modeling HS1 The Slaying Stone

July 14, 2010

So now that I’ve had my Hirst Arts molds for a while and have had a chance to do some casts, I’ve been thinking about the next obvious question:  what should I build with them?

After a bit of thought, I think I have the answer:  The maps from module HS1: The Slaying Stone.

In order to figure out how many bricks I’ll need and how to arrange them, I’ve begun analyzing the maps.  Here’s one from Encounter 4:

Encounter 4

(Map courtesy of Cartographers’ Guild)

First I’ll break out the rooms, indicating what sorts of floors I’ll need:

Encounter 4 Rooms

That gives me:

Two 4×4

Four 2×4

One 2×5 (possible as one 2×2, one 2×3)

Then it’s on to the walls:

Encounter 4 Walls

Which gives me:

Thirteen 4s

Four 2s

Two 3s

Seven 1s

And other miscellaneous things:

Two stairs, 2×4

One secret door, 1

One door, 1

One door, 2

One trap door, 1×1

Two sacks, 1×1

One pillar, 2×2

Secret tunnel floor: 5, 2, 1

That sounds like a lot of assembly work, and maybe it is.  I won’t know for sure until I build it.

Memories of CalCon 2010: Part 1

March 29, 2010

CalCon is a local games convention which ran last weekend.  A brief story (one among many) that comes to mind:

We were getting near the end of an RPGA D&D 4e adventure, and we’d been playing for about three hours solid, and the DM set up the last battlemat and described the scene.  He was using generic monster counters, numbered, instead of miniatures.

After three rounds of combat, I finally noticed — hey, you never told us what we’re actually fighting!  Laughter and chagrin all around.  Oh, it’s goblins, like we were fighting before.  Okay.

How to Edit the Character Builder XPS Character Sheet

March 25, 2010

So, you love the D&D Character Builder, but wish you could change just a couple things on the character sheet before printing? Here are some instructions on how to do that. (more…)

Must Read: Anti-Grind Guide

March 9, 2010

About a year ago, Stalker0 wrote a guide to avoiding the grind in 4E combat. Like a fine wine, it keeps getting better with age. Read it and be enlightened:

Stalker0’s Guide to Anti-Grind

From a purely structural viewpoint, it’s wonderfully well-written. It describes the symptoms of the problem, the causes of the problem, and the cure for the problem. If you read only one thing before DMing a 4E game, read this.

Character Builder Tip: Adding a Bonus Feat

February 24, 2010

So I’m working on a new character for a new D&D 4E campaign (much more about that later!) and I ran into bit of trouble with Character Builder.

Don’t get me wrong — I love Character Builder to bits. But the new campaign has a house rule that grants characters a “non-combat” bonus feat for a cool backstory.

Do you think I could figure out how to get Character Builder to let me drop a bonus feat onto my character? After much cursing and fiddling, I eventually figured it out — and thought I’d share my hard-earned lesson with everyone.

There’s a little teeny tiny button that looks like a little house with an ‘H’ in it. Presumably this stands for “house-rule”:

Character Builder

Click on that, and you can add as many feats as you like. And Character Builder is even smart enough to later tell you how your character is house-ruled, in case you ever want to revert it back to a legal state.

Fallcrest in 3D

January 27, 2010

Fallcrest in 3D

Is this just about the neatest thing ever? It’s the Fallcrest map, built up into a 3D model with Google Sketchup. We live in wonderful times.

Gamma World for 4e D&D

January 26, 2010

This just in: apparently there’s a new version of Gamma World in the works, based on the D&D 4e chassis.

At least, according to Amazon.

This is shaping up to be a good year.