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Druid Circle of Wind

September 9, 2015

wind druid

I’m putting together a character for a game, and it’s set in a location that’s pretty windy most of the time.  So I thought, hey, why not a druidic Circle of the Land, where the Land in this case is the Wind.

There’s not really much to a new Land; just a list of spells.

Druid Level -- Circle Spells
3rd -- gust of wind, levitate
5th -- fly, wind wall
7th -- dimension door, freedom of movement
9th -- insect plague, telekinesis

A more ambitious take would let them use flying wildshapes almost immediately, at the cost of some other class function. The bonus cantrip or that resting for slots mechanism, maybe.


Druids, Transform and Roll Out

January 1, 2009

Wizards has posted the first three levels of the druid class and there’s some surprises. In line with the 4E philosophy of “classes should get their signature abilities right away”, druids can shapechange into animals right out of the box. It’s their most obvious, signature ability, but there’s some interesting design choices throughout the class.